The purpose of this blog

The intention of the blog is to bring together those that believe in God the Eternal Father and His Son Jesus Christ. It is a place to share our personal experiences and feelings to ultimately testify that He is real, that He is aware of each of us and ever watchful in the details of our lives.


This blog came together from the desire of a Grandmother to share her testimony of the Savior with her family.  It has grown as a couple of granddaughters took the call to make a blog and invite others to look within themselves and find how they know.  We invite all to enjoy the blessings of happiness as they seek to grow nearer to the Savior.

"As I have pondered the beauties and blessings of a God Who loves me, it has occurred to me that perhaps my experiences would be a good thing to record, both for my posterity and for any others who might be interested.  There are many voices in the world proclaiming that there is no personal God.  Since there are those of us who have known the love and guidance and comfort of our Creator, I feel that we, too, should share our knowledge.  Please feel free to share the witness that you have had in your life with us."

-Rea Whicker